Argosy’s aim is to be an investment partner of choice for like-minded entrepreneurs.  We take strategic and influential investment positions in a small number of companies that sustainably delivers free cashflows and long-term capital growth.

As such, we hold our investments in businesses that are at different stages of their organisational lifecycle, operating in different industries and jurisdictions.

We adopt an active, relationship-based, investment approach through which we align ourselves with management as true partners and co-entrepreneurs.  Our long-term investment horizon allows us to support the respective businesses through the various stages of growth to reach their full potential.


Argosy’s principle focus is on investing in established businesses with a strong growth outlook and cash generation.  Although exceptions may be made, a track record of growth and profitability are important qualifiers for investment.

Argosy’s investment may take place in various situations, for example as a capitalisation or shareholder transition/MBO.  We are happy to take positions of control or as a significant minority.  Argosy does not engage in operational management within its investments and for that reason also does not undertake turn-around investments.

When evaluating current or new investments, the key criteria we consider are:

  • Quality of management team
  • Revenue and profit history
  • Scalability of business model
  • Size of market opportunity
  • Ability to develop and sustain a competitive advantage
  • Adequacy of post-investment capitalization
  • Value created for both investors and management

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