Our Approach

Our investment approach is first and foremost about people in partnership

We manage investments to deliver long-term capital growth and sustainable, growing distributions.

We are hands-on, relationship-based investors and we align ourselves with management as true partners and co-entrepreneurs. Our flexible mandate and entrepreneurial mindset allow us to reach investment, growth and exit strategies tailored to maximise the potential of each investment. In addition, our long-term investment horizon allows us to support the respective businesses through various stages of growth.

Our investment portfolio consists of significant interests in businesses operating across multiple industries and jurisdictions. Each of these businesses are led by proven entrepreneurs with robust business models and significant potential to scale.

Our Criteria

Argosy’s principal focus is on investing in established cash-generative businesses with a strong growth profile. The group has particular competence and specialisation in the Real Estate, Financial Services and Technology sectors. Although exceptions may be made, a track record of growth and profitability, or evidencing a clear path to profitability, are important qualifiers for investment.

Argosy’s investment may take place in various situations, for example as a capitalisation or shareholder transition/MBO. We are equally prepared to take positions of control or as a significant minority. Argosy does not undertake turn-around investments.

When evaluating current or new investments, the key criteria we consider are:

  • Quality of and alignment with the management team
  • Revenue and profit history
  • Scalability of business model
  • Size of market opportunity
  • Ability to develop and sustain a competitive advantage
  • Adequacy of post-investment capitalisation