Argosy is a privately owned business headquartered in the Isle of Man. Argosy invests off a proprietary balance sheet in opportunities across a range of industries and jurisdictions. Our focus is predominantly on private equity investments, including limited exposure to venture capital. Argosy does not have a fixed investment horizon and does not raise or manage investments for the public


Argosy collaborates closely with the Mergon Group, which is based in South Africa and operates a similar business to that of Argosy.  The similarity between their investment models, culture and ethos created an environment conducive to close, long-term co-operation and collaborative investment between Argosy and Mergon.


First origins of this collaborative group reach back to Mergon’s humble beginnings in the early 1980's with a dearth of capital and in adverse economic circumstances.  Argosy was established in 2008, also in circumstances of economic adversity not known for many generations.  Over the years and through these cycles this collaboration has been highly successful and the group achieved strong investment performance.


Jointly, Argosy and Mergon have established a commercial presence reaching across a number of industries and jurisdictions, bearing witness to the value of the foundations of entrepreneurship, dedication, collaboration and the relationship-driven culture that underpins the ethos with which endeavours are continuing.

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